Matrimonial Valuation

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Matrimonial Valuations

We understand that marriage break-up is difficult when it happens, property valuation is one less thing to worry about. At such a difficult and sensitive time, our team will treat your case with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

Whether the situation is amicable or contentious, a robust transparent and independent report will help all involved know the true value of a home or investment property.

A valuation for matrimonial purposes aims to provide a Market Valuation, which can be used to decide how joint property assets are divided between parties involved in divorce proceedings.

Carpenter can carry out valuations for either party to make absolutely sure an impartial value is established through professional judgement. Carpenter also carry out valuations for mediators or the Court.

Should a dispute arise and Court Proceedings be issued, we provide Expert Witness Reports and testimony in Court where required.

A Matrimonial Valuation Report will provide you with an accurate value of the property which you can then take forward with your separation proceedings.

The valuation can be undertaken on behalf of one of the parties, or alternatively, both parties can jointly instruct a Chartered Surveyor to undertake a valuation of the property.
Our Matrimonial Valuations not only comply with the rules and guidelines of the RICS Red Book, if required, they can also be undertaken in accordance with complying with part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) 1998.
We understand those separation proceedings can be a stressful and complex time. Over the years our Surveyors have prepared hundreds of Matrimonial Valuations, we pride ourselves in ensuring the valuation is as straightforward and time effective as it can be.

If you need a Matrimonial Valuation, you can get in touch with us and our friendly team will be more than happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

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