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Drone Surveys – How can they help?

Drones come under the category of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and are generally piloted from the ground by a highly experienced operator. Drones are relatively new technology, and only a handful of experienced and licensed providers are able to utilise this technology to carry out surveys.

The use of a remotely controlled drone means we can provide our clients with UHD, 4K, video survey footage of their buildings and roofs that would otherwise be difficult to inspect. The video footage can relay live images to the operator below.


Permissions for Commercial Operations (PFCO) & Training

Our team of highly skilled RICS Chartered Surveyors all hold Permissions for Commercial Operations (PFCO) Pilots Licenses, certified through the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).  The PFCO, put simply, is a permission for commercial operations. Its granted by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and allows our drone pilots to use their drone to undertake commercial work.

By obtaining this permission, Carpenters demonstrate that we are able to safely and efficiently operate a drone in accordance with the strict safety guidelines as set out by the regulators.

Some of our work has taken us into city centres, suburbs and industrial sites where we may have to work in communication with local police forces, councils and air traffic control centres to undertake our surveys by the safest means possible.

Our drone pilots are trained to industry leading standards which take the form of both theory and practical flight assessments together with the production of an operations flight manual as approved by the CAA.

Alongside our PFCO our pilots have an academically registered qualification under OFQUAL (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) as a Level 4 award. That means our qualification is recognised as a vocational Level 4 award at HNC/ONC equivalent.

Carpenters are fully committed to the highest levels of training available in this new emerging marketplace.

Roof and building surveys

Traditionally, any job that requires working at height carries risk, and is therefore expensive. Roof and Chimney inspections and surveys whilst not inherently dangerous, do carry some degree of risk.

There are health and safety rules to take into consideration, and the material obtained from the survey can vary depending on the difficulty of access.

Surveyors and building contractors may often need to put up scaffolding to conduct a closer inspection or survey or use lifting equipment to inspect high levels up close. A drone inspection is a safer, more cost-effective alternative to this.

Some older buildings can pose serious health and safety concerns for those carrying out the work.

Surveying a large site manually is a complex and costly affair. We can use drones to carry out all kinds of useful surveying functions for your building. They allow for simple and straightforward surveys even in the most inaccessible areas with no risk to human life.

We can record all our Drone Building Surveys in 4K offering extremely high definition video that can be paused to give excellent views of the building’s structure and insight into condition.

All Drone Surveys include unlimited access to the UHD footage of your site and can also include an expert Condition Report conducted by one of our Chartered Building Surveyors.

✓ Inspect unsafe and difficult to access roofs with ease
✓ Save £££’s on Scaffolding and Access Equipment
✓ Quick, efficient, and high-quality service
✓ Ultra HD 4K Quality footage allows for close-up inspection

Top Reasons for Commissioning a Drone Survey

Benefits and reasons for using a drone when compared with other traditional survey methods:
1. A drone survey does not need time spent erecting ladders, scaffolding, or viewing platforms.

2. Reduced manpower so the process is completed much more quickly than a traditional survey.

3. A drone survey is highly accurate and can provide better results than again, more traditional survey services which can save you money in the long run.

4. Drones can quickly scale walls, fly over roofs, or survey large sites or complexes, with no disruption to the occupants within.

5. We can use drones to look at the condition of a building, to look at the state of decay in a dilapidated building, or to closely inspect the roof.

6. The data we collect will capture HD 4K & 8K video and HDR photographs of the area.

7. Drones can reach highly inaccessible roof areas or areas which are tricky to examine with the human eye thereby reducing Health and Safety Risks.

8. Birds eye view of the site can often identify Development risks and considerations.

9. Improved Environmental Friendliness.

10. Ideally suited for taller, inaccessible, and historic buildings.

11. Ideally suited for large scale commercial units reducing impact on commercial building and operational staff and occupants.

12. In accordance with our PCFO Licence and CAA regulations, we can legally fly drones up to a height of 400ft (120m), so most roofs are well within reach.

13. If you require an aerial shot for your company brochure or website, our operator can incorporate this requirement into the flight.

Our Drone Building Survey service includes:

✓ Full pre-flight planning

✓ Risk Assessment

✓ The survey itself

✓ Photographs and video data

✓ Follow up repair advice if required

✓ Public Liability insurance cover of £1,000,000

✓ OFQUAL Level 4 PCFO Qualified & Licensed Drone Operator

✓ Chartered Building Surveyor with expert knowledge on construction and defect analysis

✓ Ability to tailor the data captured into a Level 3 Building Survey reducing the need for expensive further investigations

✓ We can liaise with the client on the ground ensuring that all areas of concern are inspected and adapt our flight pattern accordingly.

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