Carpenter Surveyors - Summer Soiree 2022

This weekend the team at Carpenter Surveyors attended its ‘Summer Soiree’ get together at the Grand Hotel in Birmingham.  

The team enjoyed a Casino experience followed by a meal in the city at Gaucho. 

The Summer event, which happens each year, was even more special in 2022, and a “big post-Covid thank you” to staff that have worked through two years of the pandemic, often without seeing one another for months at a time, according to Managing Director Ian Bullock.

Carpenter Surveyors

Congratulations Leanne – Our Casino Winner!

“For all its benefits, the best relationships will never be built solely over online meetings or daily catch-ups. It has been a difficult couple of years with lockdowns, but the surveying sector and our business has weathered it very well.” he added.

“The important thing for a company like Carpenter Surveyors is that sense of team which is a big driver for an event like this; we place a lot of emphasis on building great relationships and being family-focused. So the overall experience of having some valuable time together, having fun and relaxing has been such a positive thing for everyone which we’ve always made time for in the summer and during the festive period”.

Carpenter Surveyors - Summer Soiree