When preparing your home for a viewing, there are some great ideas in this article that will help you sell faster and potentially add thousands of pounds to its current value. 

Maximise the space, but keep the character!
Your buyer needs to visualise what it will be like to live in your property, this means it’s best to make it as decluttered and tidy as possible to help them visualise the living space, while still offering some personality! 

Don’t forget to swap the furniture you have to create a good flow for people to walk around, especially if you need to make the rooms a little bigger. Ensure that any shelves, bookcases and coffee tables have been decluttered, and hide any loose cables that may be on show.


Make the colours work for everyone

We know that the wrong colour rooms can have a huge effect on the property market, and this has been backed up by many polls with homebuyers. 

While you may enjoy a lime green kitchen, red for the lounge and a bright yellow bathroom, it’s best to make the rooms easy for people to move into. Remember, all the experts say, ‘neutral wins the day’. 

Neutral colours will take the attention away from the walls and redirect it to the openness and flow of your home and seem lighter. When painting your home, you have a challenge of designing for the ‘unknown buyer’. So make it easy for them to move straight in!

Colour Neutral

Enhance the exterior
Ensure your windows and roof is well maintained, this is often the first thing people notice when viewing your home for the first time.

Buyers often talk about that ‘feeling’. Your house exterior helps to create a first impression that counts. This doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise, think about how the garden looks and cut back bushes and trees, ensure the fences are tidy, add some pots and get any rubbish to the tip. 

The garden is where people visualise themselves in nice weather, and also for entertaining. These tips will help get your property higher up your buyer’s list! 

Home exterior

Convert if you can
If there are any obvious conversions such as new rooms, loft conversion, adapting the garage, then this is a great opportunity to add serious value to your home, instead of the new owners taking full advantage. If you don’t have enough money to do it, get the planning permission in place. Again this adds value and saves time for your buyers that may need the extra room to make the decision.  


Home is where the heart is, but it’s the kitchen that counts
Home buyers are seeking kitchens with a functional layout, good storage, and seating. This is the place where potential buyers form their first impressions inside your property. It’s also the most valuable room in the house because it acts as a focal point for the family and food preparation.

Buyers perceive the value of appliances to be greater than their actual value, primarily because they are already situated in your property. This avoids them needing to measure up, purchase and install new appliances which match your existing kitchen design. 

Replacing your existing kitchen tops can be expensive but add serious value, and refacing your kitchen cabinets can be effective and cheap to upgrade. 

Installing a new kitchen prior to the sale could add as much as 2-4% value to the entire property and be a major factor in any purchasing decision.

Kitchen - Home advice

If you are selling a property and unsure of its current condition, having a survey conducted before you put it on the market can be beneficial. You could advertise at a higher price after resolving any issues the survey uncovered. Give us a call on 0800 254 5202 if you would like a free consultation from Carpenter Surveyors. We’ll be delighted to help with your property sale.